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About Our Company

Company overview:

'Atom' is a new initiative that will keep the happiness, fun & entertainment of children in its nucleus and will strive to make their experience unique each time they visit with the array of indoor fun zones that are on offer. The kids will have a lot to choose from when they enter this fun filled indoor entertainment center. The place will trigger a rush of adrenaline as well as bring out the most creative side in the little super stars. We at ATOM understand the importance of physical activities and the value of creative learning, which is why we have put up a single platform for your child's thrill, adventure, art & their freedom to bring out the best in them. To magnify the image further, ATOM is equipped with five very unique fun filled zones, which include:

Naughty Castle (Sea):

This jumbo cushion padded equipment has been created to stimulate the feeling of thrill without bounds. The children will feel the rush when they enter this castle which is divided into multiple sections comprising of a ball pool, a balloon pool, a wide trampoline, bridges, rollers all this combined with an underwater experience. The castle has been created while keeping the safety of children using it as the primary concern and has been prepared to meet the safety standards.

Adventure Hall (Jungle):

The feeling of adventure has never been confined within walls. We break it with our forest themed hall that will give the children an opportunity to bring out the Tarzan in themselves. This section is equipped with a rock climbing wall for the children to practice reaching to the top, a tree house for that chilling stay in the amazon of trees. To top it all why leave the feeling of swirl for another day when they can have a time of their lives with a tree that spins. Experience the Jungle like never before. The Hall has been padded with cushioned grass to break your child’s fall without a scratch, also the place will be monitored by experience professionals to keep our little rangers from any harm.

Creative Corner (Sky):

With all the thrill and adventure, kids should not miss the joy of swimming in the pool of their own creativity and creating the world that they want to live inn. For that we have corner that has only one rule ‘follow your heart’. Children can paint, draw and paste on the walls and floor all quoted with a fine layer of acrylic sheet which enables the room to bud the imagination of our little Picasso and can be ready to be reused in no time for the next time. The corner will be under the guidance of expert supervision and will be using all art material that meets the safety standards.

Toddler zone (Rainbow):

We did not forget our most cherished customers. Yes, we have a corner especially for the fun, games, joy and excitement of for our little atoms. Here, they can have a blast with slides, role play sets, building blocks, see-saws and other assorted toys. The corner will also bring into light the feeling of being on the beach with our sand box and sea side view, Building a sand castle without out the heat could be nice experience for our young ones. The zone has been made child proof with padding on the wall and on the floor for the most protected and safe fun.

Party Place (City):

It would be a world of fun, when in the middle of all these fun zones you can plan a party for your loved one. What better place would there be where you can choose the theme, the food, the music and to top it all up your convenience. Experience being the guest when it comes to planning your own party. Would it not be nice to travel the entire entertainment party zone on a foot bike, that hovers on the road to your city.

Café (Food Lab):

How can we forget a hangout place for the ones who get our little clients here, Yes we have a fully functional café that serves to the hunger and thirst of you and your child.