Frequently Asked Questions

This jumbo cushion padded equipment has been created to stimulate the feeling of thrill without bounds. The children will feel the rush when they enter this area which is divided into multiple sections comprising of a ball pool, a balloon pool, a wide trampoline, bridges, rollers all this combined with an underwater experience. These safe environments are ideal for children to play and let off some steam. Active play has been proven to help children to develop better physical, social, mental and emotional skills. Soft play areas are designed specifically for children and therefore, parents don’t have to worry about how many times they fall.

Yes, it is to provide our ATOMs with a safe, clean and home-like environment. Socks are required for play on the areas except in areas that demand the removal of it. You may bring a pair of socks along with you or purchase them at the front desk. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Guides (parents) are encouraged to bring water bottles for toddlers. Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the premises.

Photography through your mobile phone cameras is permitted. Professional Photography is strictly prohibited, unless prior consent or approval has been taken from the management.

Yes, we do conduct workshops on a regular basis. You may contact the front desk for more information.

Yes, your reserved party area is private, for you and your party guests only. However, the play area is always open to the public, so while in the play area your party guests will be playing with other children and parents unless you reserve the whole premises (Available on selected days and time-slots only).

Your party room is reserved for one and a half hours, whereas playtime for you and your guests is for three hours on that day.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your estimated billing is required to reserve your party room. However, the refund may vary on your duration of cancelation. The balance that is due should be payable on the day of your party.

Yes, our staff member will be available to assist you in the party area. He or she will set up the party room just the way you want it and clean up afterwards. Just let us know how you want it set up.

We will be happy to put up a themed party for our little ATOMs. We can have a detailed discussion on the child’s likes and on the basis of that we can customize a party for them.

Yes, we will provide food and beverages for the party. You can choose from the array of menu options that we have and decide on your party food. Outside catering is strictly prohibited. You are only allowed to bring the cake from outside.

Yes, we design and print birthday invitation cards according to your theme. Kindly contact our front desk for more information.

Yes. All guests must have a completed and signed waiver. It may be signed by a parent or guardian. For your convenience, family members aged 17 years or younger may be included on the same waiver so only one waiver per family will be necessary.

Yes, our well trained staff would be present at all times in the play area however we would encourage you to play and enjoy with your child.

All of our toys are designed and built with the highest attention to details and quality. They comply with International Standards. We have safety certificates for each toy and each material used to build our equipment.