Although, we intend to create a new world that gives our little ATOMs the freedom to enjoy and have fun. However we must insist them and the guides (parents) with them to follow certain ‘Rules’, to make their visit enjoyable, memorable and safe:

Rules for our little ‘ATOMs’:

  • No shoes or trainers to be worn inside the play areas – which ensures their new world is clean and hygienic, because some satins are not nice.
  • Socks must be worn at all times, except in areas that demand the removal of it – which ensures their safety and your peace.
  • No sharp objects such as pens and pencils are be taken to the play areas - which ensures fun dominates over pain.
  • No food, drinks, sweets or gum to be taken on to the play areas – which ensures the use of the tables and the chairs in the city.
  • No personal items are to be taken in the play areas and must be left with guides (parents) – which ensures that they still get to use their belongings once they are done playing here.
  • Height and age restriction are in force – which ensures any fun competition is always fair and square.

Rules for the Guides (Parents):

  • You must supervise your child at all times – no exception to this rule.
  • We request you to not have an unwell child use the facilities, they can join in when they are healthy and can enjoy it the most.
  • Please listen to the staff members to avoid any miss happening, as they are trained, experienced and have the child’s best interest at heart.
  • Our staff has the access to the first aid kit, which we hope is never required.
  • Consumption of alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited, you can only be high on fun and food.
  • The entire area is under CCTV surveillance, to keep an eye the happenings.


  • Any disputes will be settled with the management’s final word.
  • ATOM cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur due to carelessness or negligence on the part of visitors.
  • Identification may be required as proof of age and / or family status.
  • ATOM reserves the right to deny access or remove anyone from the premises, especially in the event of aggressive/violent behaviour to other guests or to the staff. Any damages caused through bad behaviour and misuse will be charged to the guest/member.
  • Management bears no responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property.